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Rootkropp Inc. is a registered agricultural commodities company located in Toronto, Canada with subsidiary and farmers’  in Nigeria. We specialise in the of supply a growing world with agricultural commodities like cocoa, cashew nuts, coffee, wheat, barley, chickpeas and oil seed. Our processes, systems and structures are tailored towards globally best practices towards ensuring that we serve diverse markets from farmers to the consumers in a way that help ensure food security. We maintain a cordial yet mutually beneficial relationship with the farmers and the market leveraging on our: expertise, business reputation and market understanding.

Vision: To be a leader in Agricultural commodity trade.

Mission Statement: To ensure Agriculture commodities are grown safely and naturally with little or no environmental impact through enhanced quality assessment. We also guarantee transparency of process and market access for agricultural commodities to our stakeholders.

Values: Quality, Service and Trust

We are committed to supplying a our growing world with agricultural commodities.